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How Volkswagen uses RFID technology in its operations

Implementation of RFID for reusable containers in the supply chain of the automotive industry: Volkswagen Poznań plant in Września

The reusable containers are one of the key issues to manage in automotive manufacturers and many other manufacturers using plenty of components for production, often working in „Just in Time” system.

RFID technology is the best solution for this kind of challenges,  always when it is delivered with a guarantee of the use of reliable hardware and with a tailor made software according to the client's requirements.

RFID Solutions has provided one of the largest car manufacturers with full visibility into the management of reusable metal containers, as well as full control of logistics operations in the warehouse related to the delivery of parts between the supplier and the manufacturer.

We have delivered software and hardware for the project with our proprietary solutions in both areas with special consideration of hazardous situations that may arise as a result of mechanical damage. The implementation of the solution included the programming and installation of tens of thousands of RFID tags on the containers, the use of several areas of automatic identification within the internal gates (RFID readers and antennas), installation of 4 gates for scanning entire trucks full of containers on the supplier's side and the design and implementation of an innovative RFID gate on the manufacturer's side, which allowed simultaneous scanning of vehicles in four traffic lanes in both directions.

All installations are designed by RFID Solutions  and were equipped with very effective RFID readers (FX9600) from our Partner Zebra Technologies. The hard tags from Omni-ID EXO 800 and on–metal labels Silverline Classic II from Zebra Technologies resistant to atmospheric conditions were delivered and installed on the metal containers. 


Implementation of a solution using RFID allowed for automatic acquisition of information about the location of any container in real time.

The web application in the cloud aggregates all incoming data. The logistics department has full information about free containers in the warehouse of the supplier, manufacturer, currently in transport and at what stage, and how many containers are in the service.There is no need to report, check, constantly look for, engage personnel, both on own and on the client's side. Thanks to this, the logistics department can optimize the processes and use the available containers 100%.

Thanks to the use of mobile RFID terminals and multi–antenna RFID MORIS-8 scanners for scanning extensive areas, the inventory time in the manufacturer's and supplier's warehouses has been reduced by about 90%.

Automatic tracking and location of containers at every stage of their use is strategic for the efficient use, saving time, money and giving a priceless comfort of work. 

The very good results of the described project have assured further cooperation between companies.

Volkswagen Poznan plant in Września

Photos copyright: Volkswagen Group Polska Sp. z o.o.