RFID solutions for your business

Our ready–made products are a great choice for most companies.
We also provide tailor–made RFID solutions for specific needs and use–cases.

Our RFID solutions

We provide everything you need to successfully implement RFID technology in your business.


You get web–based software that doesn't require installation and works on any device with internet access.

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You get all the necessary equipment from reputable manufacturers, selecting it appropriately for the application.


We're implementing RFID solutions for more than 10 years both in SMEs and for global clients.


We use proven technologies, based on standards and widely known around the world.

Premade solutions

Try out off–the–shelf RFID services in a subscription model, implementing RFID in your company is a matter of days.


We provide full technical support and cloud database maintenance for selected premade RFID services.

Premade solutions

Proprietary RFID systems, ready for deployment.

Desktop RFID readers

For identifying individual tags or labels placed, for example, in binders, archive folders, tools, bands, individual commercial goods.

Access control RFID gates

Mounted in the light of passageways/exits, they allow identification of passing people and/or moving marked objects.

Anti–theft RFID gates

Discreet antennas mounted in the light of passages/exits identifying marked objects.

Long–range RFID parking systems

Allows fast and efficient access control to the parking. Eliminates the need for drivers having to stop or open windows.

Radio frequency identification systems for truck and rail weight scales

They allow the registered weight to be assigned to the correct vehicle in real time, entering it into the database.

Warehouse RFID gates

For scanning pallets and various means of transport, at loading gates for example.

Drive-through RFID vehicle gates

Scanning entire trucks to identify transported assets like containers, pallets, and goods.

Portable RFID gates

That can be freely moved anywhere, according to the situation's needs. Frequently used by RFID systems training labs.

RFID warehouse tunnels

Storage conveyors to identify containers, cartons and their contents if it is also labeled.

Specialized RFID airlocks

Adapted to the requirements and standards for the laundry, hotel and healthcare industries.

Large–area distributed systems

With RFID antennas spread over many thousands of square meters.

Example applications: monitoring the movement of people in large–format stores and determining customer paths, the timing of the distribution of goods, or the automatic identification of pallets stored in warehouses with assignment to location.

Smart scanning shelves

They register in real time the location of static objects.

They operate without any need for manual operation of equipment, for real-time inventory. such as clothing on shelves in a store, cosmetics, merchandise.

They can be used to register a customer's interest in a product, as each lift of labeled goods off the shelf is recorded. A smart shelf will also register the taking and putting back in place of tools, keys, documents and other items, equipment - so it can also act as an anti-theft system.


We carry out most projects based on our own proprietary software.

Our portfolio of products supports standalone devices like RFID terminals or readers, as well as very advanced products working with hundreds and more radio frequency identification points.

Our database software based on MS SQL and MySQL allows us to integrate seamlessly with any client-side platform.

We build efficient and effective radio frequency identification systems.

Some of them supervise hundreds of thousands of RFID–tagged objects within a single location. Others with distributed RFID gateway architecture (more than two hundred), with data collected in the cloud, share data with tens of thousands of users.

Reliable hardware

We provide all the necessary equipment, selecting it appropriately for the application.

Handheld RFID terminals

Mobility and convenience are an integral part of our implementations.

Wherever radio frequency identification inserted into the hands of a person/operator is needed, these devices come in handy.

Operations of receiving, issuing, control, inventory run tens of times faster than with traditional barcodes.

Wide RFID tags selection

Always individually choose the tags to the customer's needs and the conditions in which they will be used.

RFID Tag Printers

They automatically encode RFID labels and print custom visible text and symbols on them.

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RFID Readers

Scanning and identification of RFID tags from various ranges.

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RFID Gates

Allow tracking of RFID tags that pass through very specific area, ex. gate, door, entrance, corridor.

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Proven manufacturers

In terms of hardware, we rely on proven RFID industry manufacturers.

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