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It takes a day to implement RFID in your business.

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Proprietary RFID system, ready for deployment.

In a few minutes you can start working with RFID technology and feel the benefits of using a radio frequency identification system in your company.

Handheld RFID terminal

You receive an RFID terminal

It's a handheld device with dedicated software that connects to the secure cloud database.

  • Aplikacja webowa (bez instalacji)

  • Baza danych w chmurze

  • Integracja z istniejącymi systemami

RFID tag

You receive a set of RFID tags

We provide you with a set of RFID tags suitable for your industry.

  • Aplikacja webowa (bez instalacji)

  • Baza danych w chmurze

  • Integracja z istniejącymi systemami

Person training on using an RFID terminal

You receive a training

We will teach you how to use the system and incorporate it into your company's structure.

  • Aplikacja webowa (bez instalacji)

  • Baza danych w chmurze

  • Integracja z istniejącymi systemami

Out of a box

You get an RFID terminal with dedicated software and a starter kit for electronic tags. The entire system is supported by functional software available at any time through a web browser, all connected to a cloud database.

Before you start working with the system, you will get a proper training.

The RFID system can function as a completely independent storage system, and can also be easily integrated with a higher systems. When you add RFID tags to your inventory, you can maximize your convenience.

Key features of EasyRFID

Proprietary RFID system, ready for deployment.

Each item is treated individually

This means that in the system, apart from the code – e.g. EAN, each item of the product range is assigned a unique electronic number, which is physically a label with an electronic chip. The label can be freely printed and positioned like ordinary labels.

Functions for handling orders and completing goods

They allow you to perform operations directly on the RFID terminal by wireless scanning of electronic codes.

Simplified customer returns

Due to the fact that the electronic code contains in the database information to which customer exactly a given item was sold - a document correcting the sale can be generated.

Total control over the flow of goods

The system streamlines, controls and speeds up the receipt of goods into the warehouse, transfers between warehouses and releases from the warehouse.

Features of product localization and search

The location is possible by quick scanning of goods with dynamic assignment of the location of the goods to places also marked with RFID tags.

Inventory of warehouse stocks

Inventory with RFID technology is even more than 100 times faster than standard methods using barcode scanning.


In industries where it is important to check the expiry date frequently, the electronic tag may contain this information. Checking the products in terms of the expiry date is then extremely simple. When declaring in the terminal application that we are interested in whether there are goods on the shelves that will “expire” in the following days, we get this information immediately on the screen after scanning.

The RFID terminal scans remotely and through the packaging.

We have the option of searching (using the hot–cold method) for specific ones, for example, we want to remove from the shelf.

Available subscription plans

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RFID terminal (WiFi+GSM)


RFID labels in use

Up to 10'000

Up to 100'000


App for an RFID terminal
Cloud database
Browser access
Orders and completion management
RFID printers management
RFID gates management
Self–checkouts integration
Onboarding & training

Not sure which one is for you?

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How can my business benefit from RFID?

Solving many everyday problems in the activities of various industries turns very simple. The use of RFID technology saves time and allows you to avoid mistakes, which directly translates into business efficiency.

Clothing manufacturing

The clothing manufacturer struggled with constant inventory discrepancies, which were also incorrectly displayed in the online store. With the rotating workers responsible for collecting and packing goods, the mistakes were inevitable. The introduction of the RFID system minimized the number of picking errors to almost zero.

Cyclical inventories, lasting only a dozen or so minutes for almost 50,000 items, in more than 6'000 item indexes, additionally agreed on the inventory in the online store. The handling of returns turned out to be a big benefit. Rapid identification of the returned goods with the knowledge of related sales documents allowed to save an additional several dozen hours of work per month.

Trading company warehouse

A household articles selling company had difficulty locating pallets in a high-bay warehouse. Despite the use of the advanced WMS system and the scanning by barcodes of pallets with goods and marking of storage places on the rack, there were regular situations of "loss" of pallets with goods. In a warehouse with 8'000 pallet places, finding the right ones often took many hours and involved many people. RFID has caused a radical change.

Marking pallets with RFID tags made it possible to quickly find those lost using the "cold-warm" method. The search operation was shortened to just a few minutes. In the next step, after marking some of the racks with RFID location tags and linking the information about the position of the goods with the accuracy to the marked area, the search operation was even faster as the employee was immediately directed to the area where the pallet was last "seen" by the RFID system.

Shops in the commercial centers

Employees of a company selling its goods in many shopping centers often had difficulties in locating products in the sales room. Despite the confirmation of the availability of the product to the customer in the system, the staff could not find it on the shelf, and customers left without making purchases. The company decided to implement the RFID system directly in stores. After receiving the goods, the employees marked them with electronic tags. In addition, store shelves have been labeled with RFID localization tags. Information on the location of goods was regularly updated in the system.

Scanning the goods with an RFID terminal, which lasted a few minutes, recorded information about the location of the goods in the software. Additionally, in the software, it was possible to report inconformity in the position of the goods in relation to the expected place - e.g. when the customer put the goods in another place. From that moment, the search for the goods was very easy. In this way, all discrepancies between the actual state and the state in the system were also eliminated.

Archive of documents

Archive The department of one of the government offices serving clients processed thousands of folders with paper documents in its daily work. The amount of work, limitations in the space to be used and the pressure of time resulted in frequent searches for documents that were not where they were expected. The work was improved by the RFID system. Each folder was given an RFID tag when it was put on. All system of cabinets and shelves were also marked with tags. RFID system has acquired the knowledge of where and what files are.

Operations of transferring files between departments, customer service points, archives were performed using an RFID terminal. Even many hundreds of files could be identified in a matter of seconds. File search has been minimized to almost zero. The reason for the frequent frustration of employees has also disappeared and the comfort of work and customer service has improved.

Industrial laundry

The water laundry had problems with billing customers due to differences between the declared amount of dirty bedding and towels accepted for washing and the actual number. It also happened often that trollyes transporting clean linens and towels from the laundry to the customer were lost. The laundry, in addition to the laundry service, offered the rental of bed linen and towels.

The implementation of RFID helped to deal with the problems and provided additional benefits. Special laundry tags for bed linen and towels enabled quick scanning of laundry collected from hotels, its quick segregation on site in the laundry room thanks to the identification of each piece assigned to a specific customer and quick counting of clean sets prepared for shipment. The order handling time was reduced, and the elimination of discrepancies in the amounts of bedding dispatched and received for washing ensured the comfort of work for employees. In addition, control was gained over the location of each shipped cart, which was also equipped with appropriate tags, which in turn brought significant savings in replenishment.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I get as part of the monthly subscription fee?

The subscription includes an RFID terminal, a license to use the software on the terminal, a license to use the browser version of the application, access to the database and support.

Can I purchase an RFID terminal and software of my own?

EasyRFID is a service providing you with hardware, software and full support. If you'd like to purchase an RFID terminal with software for independent use – please contact us.

Do I also need an RFID printer to program the labels?

The RFID terminal provides the functionality of programming RFID labels, so a printer is not essential.

Will I receive training in the use of the RFID system?

Yes. The training is conducted on–line and lasts up to 3 hours. We know from experience that it is enough to start working independently. For an additional fee, it can take place at the customer's location.

What is "browser access"?

With browser access you can log in and manage your cloud database from any device with a web browser. This feature is available in Opimal and Enterprise plan.

You can always access the cloud database by using our app, that comes preinstalled on a handled RFID terminal. This feature is available in every plan.

Internet connection is always required.

I would like to supervise the products that leave the warehouse automatically through the loading gate. Can I get RFID gate additionally to the system?

Of course. An RFID gateway can be included in the system, but due to different installation options and different needs, it requires individual pricing. Please, contact us in this matter.

What is the period of the subscription contract?

The minimum period is one month. After this time, the contract is transferred to an indefinite period with one month's notice.

Didn't find the answer?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to clarify any doubts.