About us

Since 2010 we're developing RFID solutions for big and small business, sharing our knowledge and experience in the process.


We are a Polish leader in delivering the innovative RFID solutions to different sectors of industries in Polish market and we are opening up to the foreign markets.

Over 10 years of experience and the combination of our expert knowledge, passion and professionalism in cooperation with companies has allowed us to create, develop and implement solutions tailored to the needs of our global clients in the automotive, energy, food and steel sectors and large organizations in the public sector.

Our systems also support healthcare institutions, the HoReCa industry, sports events and conferences.

We also carry out projects for small and medium–sized companies, where the possibilities of innovation with RFID have also become possible thanks to affordable prices and a subscription model that allows for convenient project financing.

Selected clients and projects

We've delivered and implemented RFID systems for over 650 clients and shared our knowledge and experience by consulting 3000+ radio frequency identification projects.


One of the largest construction group in Poland.

RFID solution supports the identification of vehicles and materials on motorway and expressway construction sites. The RFID system is integrated with truck scales, image registration and self-service kiosks.

VOLKSWAGEN Poznań | Września Plant

Factory for production of delivery truck and components for markets all over the world.

RFID technology has helped to integrate processes in the supply chain, optimize the use of resources in production and enable the flow of data to systems in real time. Read more.


The largest insurer on the Polish market.

Fixed assets identification system covering all branches. The system covers the identification of several hundred thousand fixed assets.


Polish branch of a global manufacturer of well-known brands of sweets.

Workwear identification and management systems. Over 60'000 logistics objects. Read more.


Polish division of international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components.

Our solution supports the management of means of production and ensures smooth cooperation with the customer in the supply chain.

Poland Smelting Technologies POLST (TOYOTA)

Production of aluminum casting alloys for the automotive industry.

Automation of the ladle weighing control process by the forklift operator in difficult production conditions, enabling quick service of the burdensome process and data flow to the system.


A leading Polish manufacturer of cosmetics and the owner of brands recognized in Poland and around the world.

RFID supports identification and management systems of fixed assets in production.


The largest chain of food discounts in Poland operated by Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A.

Customer journey mapping.

ArcelorMittal Poland

The largest and most modern steel producer in Poland.

Supervising the storage of finished steel products and shipment.

SRG Global Bolesławiec

An international production company belonging to the Koch group: a world leader in the production of components for the automotive industry.

Automatic identification of the flow of materials between warehouses and control of correct placement of the pallet to the machine.


Network of companies specialized in sterilization and laundry services for medical facilities.

Delivery of tailored made gates and large tabletop readers for increasing the efficiency of tag reading.


Leading processor and supplier of liquefied gas.

Identification of vehicles/tanks in the supply chain covering 9 gas bottling plants in Poland.

PSI Poland

Innovative software for supply chain provider.

Support for bus identification processes in depots in Poznań.


Japanese brand of designer and clothing manufacturer.

Overseeing the production of clothing in Poland and export shipments.

ETER Hotel

4 star hotel in Toruń, Poland.

Management of beddings and towels.

Our approach

Understanding your business needs and problems is our priority.

Providing you our expertise, proper hardware and necessary software to create a new quality of your company’s logistics operations assuming that RFID technology will fill the gap in communication and provide information to management systems, co–creating the future.

Knowledge HUB by RFID.ZONE

Technology might seem complex in the beginning. That's why we've created the Knowledge HUB: an approachable guide allowing anyone getting familiar with RFID technology, before talking with us or any RFID professional in person.