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RFID tag types

Considering the type of material with embedded electronic chip plus antenna, we can divide RFID tags into RFID tags and encapsulated RFID tags.

RFID tags

Can take the form of foil or paper stickers of various printable sizes.

They have a limited lifespan, so they are used in all those applications where the RFID chip is disposable or unaffected by environmental factors, such as RFID logistics tags for marking pallets and packages, tags in the apparel industry, marking office assets, marking books, paper documents and folders in archives.

Encapsulated RFID tags

Rugged: durable and weatherproof. Designed for long–term, repeated use.

Mounting options: mechanical (screws, rivets), using adhesive or embedded into the object.

An example of an encapsulated tag is the HDPE Lynx tag, which is a Polish product from RFID Solutions. Lynx HDPE has a variety of attachment options: ultrasonic welding, rivets, staples, and backing. Among other things, it is designed for tagging and monitoring returnable packaging, containers, containers for garbage and other waste, wooden and plastic pallets.