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RFID technology applied to the hotel industry brings many benefits in various facets of hotel operations, starting with better asset management, increasing guest satisfaction and reducing losses related to theft and disappearance of items in the hotel's inventory.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of RFID technology applied to a hotel:

RFID in the hotel - eliminates losses by detecting attempts to steal towels and bathrobes and by acting as a preventive measure.

A towel or bathrobe equipped with a chip is detected when it is attempted to be taken out of the hotel by a discreet (invisible) RFID gate placed in its entrance/exit. A radio ID number can be assigned to a particular room/guest. Information about the use of RFID technology to protect property can serve a preventive function.

Benefit: minimizing waste in towels and bathrobes and saving money previously spent on replenishing them.

RFID in the hotel - full control over the inventory of bed sheets, towels, bathrobes.

Several tens of times faster than manual counting of bedding equipped with RFID chips at the gate, before sending them to the laundry and upon their return, allows 100% automatic control over the amount of resources. We know exactly how many sets are in stock, how many went out to the laundry, how many came back. The gateway can be replaced by an RFID mobile terminal, using which cyclic stock checks can also be performed. The terminal also allows tagged items to be associated with a specific room. RFID also makes it possible to track the lifetime and number of washing cycles of each piece of bedding or towel

Benefit: complete knowledge of the state of resources, which allows you to plan one hundred percent according to the demand the use of a particular item, eliminates the need to maintain a safe stock, allows immediate response in critical situations such as the wrong amount of bedding returning from the laundry. Knowledge of the lifespan and history of each individual resource helps plan needed purchases, and regular inventory control reveals the cause of any shortages that occur.

RFID in the hotel - staff uniforms under 100% control.

A complete employee uniform, consisting of different pieces of clothing, each tagged with an RFID tag is assigned to a specific person. We know what parts of clothing an employee has at any given time, and how many have been handed over for laundering. We know how many uniforms in total were handed over to the laundry and whether the same amount came back. RFID technology also makes it possible to count the number of washings of a given piece of clothing in its life cycle.

Benefit: effective management of uniforms, reduction of the number of lost pieces of clothing, the ability to replace worn-out pieces at the right time - all this ensures that the employee wears a clean, neat and well-fitting uniform, which builds a positive image of the hotel.

RFID in the hotel - hotel guest more satisfied thanks to RFID-based technological amenities

These amenities include:

  • Automatic check-in, which eliminates the onerous duty of standing in line at the hotel reception,
  • RFID wristbands that allow keyless access to the room, shopping without wallet and card, and access to other hotel attractions,
  • RFID badges that allow VIP guests to be individually recognized by hotel staff and allow personalized service at the hotel bar, restaurant or spa.

Benefit: building a competitive advantage, creating a positive image of the hotel as keeping up with new technologies and taking care of guests' comfort.

All the benefits presented confirm the appropriateness of the decision to implement RFID technology in one or more of the areas mentioned.